Why become a driving instructor with FlexiDrive?

Driving Instructor

Whether you landed here by accident or your just curious as to what FlexiDrive has to offer ADI’s, let me dive straight in. We see a growing trend with the use of mobile technology across almost all industries. Ask yourself, when was the last time you called a taxi rank? Personally, I believe everybody has converted to FreeNow. We see this globally amongst youths whether it is food delivery, shopping or ordering taxis. The one thing in common? Mobile apps.

What is FlexiDrive?

By registering with FlexiDrive, you are keeping ahead of the curve and you do not have to be a tech guru as we have a dedicated support team to help you every step of the way from signing up, to the basics of managing bookings and students. The best part is? It is all completely free.

Let us go over the main benefits of joining FlexiDrive as an approved driving instructor.

  • Flexibility: As our company name suggests, we want to create flexibility for our instructors as well as our students. A lot of people pursue careers as ADI’s due to the freedom and control over when and where they work. Work as many or as few hours a week as you like. Simply set yourself as available and receive bookings from your chosen area immediately.

  • Time: Time = Money in this game. By using geolocation, FlexiDrive connects local instructors with local students, reducing your travel time and static costs. Use your time more wisely as it is the most valuable commodity.

  • Management: FlexiDrive offers instructors a booking platform where they can manage all their bookings in one place. See your day/week/month in review on your calendar tab and alter bookings at a touch of a button. – Payments: We offer an extremely competitive rate for any lesson complete through the FlexiDrive app.

  • Roaming: FlexiDrive allows instructors to work from anywhere and still be connected to local students in that area. Maybe you might want to squeeze a lesson or two in on your holidays down the country? That was a joke, but at least you have the option!

  • Payments: We offer an extremely competitive rate for any lesson complete through the FlexiDrive app. Watch your earnings build in real-time in our instructor portal and receive weekly payments on time, every time.

For more information, check out our website; https://flexidrive.ie/instructors/